Success story of Kumar Rahul in Gas Testing Examination


Success Story

Kumar Rahul, a boy from a newly established private mining university cracked the gas testing examination in his first attempt only.


My experience of Gas Testing examination

                                                                                                             -Kumar Rahul



About Rahul

My name is Kumar Rahul. I passed my Diploma in mining engineering in year 2018 from Jharkhand Rai University located at Kamre, Ranchi. My family belongs to mining background and thus pursuing a career in mining has always remain a dream for me. Having a decent education of mining from JRU Ranchi, I applied in gas testing examination in year 2019 and passed the examination in my first attempt.

How did he apply for gas testing examination?

Before applying for gas testing examination, one should have following things:

  1. He must obtain an age of 20 years. For this, he must have a valid age proof. Matriculation certificate or Original birth certificate is thus required here.
  2. Flame Safety Lamp Handling certificate in prescribed format as per DGMS. This one can avail from his VTC in any underground coal mine where Lamp handling training is provided or may consult any DGMS approved institutions which provide lamp handling trainings.
  3. Medical Fitness certificate in the prescribed format as per DGMS.
  4. Character Certificate in the prescribed format as per DGMS.

Having all these, I did my online payment of Rs. 300 for gas testing examination through Bharatkosh ( and took the print out of the receipt of Application fees paid.

Then I downloaded the latest valid prescribed gas testing application from website of DGMS. I carefully filled every details asked in the form with ball blue pen. I affixed a duly attested passport size (3.5 cm x 3.5 cm) photograph with my name clearly written on the front top side of photograph. Three additional duly attested passport size (3.5 cm x 3.5 cm) photographs with the name clearly written on the front top side of photograph are required to put in enclosure. A self-addressed envelope of A-4 size was also required. Copy of Aadhaar card was required too.

Also, I made an affidavit in the prescribed format which mentioned that “all the documents and certificates submitted along with the application and the information provided in the application are GENUINE”

I made a check list of following documents that were asked to put as enclosure along with the filled gas testing application form:

  • Self-attested copy of valid age Proof. I put a copy of my Matriculation certificate
  • Original Medical certificate of fitness in the prescribed format
  • Original Character certificate in the prescribed format.
  • Self-attested copy of Flame Safety Lamp Handling Certificate in the prescribed format.
  • Receipt of Application Fees paid through Bharatkosh
  • An affidavit to the effect that “all the documents and certificates submitted along with the application and the information provided in the application are GENUINE”
  • Two additional duly attested passport size (3.5 cm x 3.5 cm) photographs with name clearly written on the front top side of photograph are required to put in enclosure.
  • Self-attested copy of Aadhaar
  • Self-Addressed A-4 envelop


Then I put all the above mentioned enclosures along with the completely filled gas testing application form in an envelope and sealed it. On the sealed envelope, I wrote the address of receiver in the prescribed format and my address as a sender.

The prescribed format of address of receiver is:


The Secretary

Board of Mining Examination

DGMS Dhanbad

PIN- 826001

Dist. – Dhanbad

State – Jharkhand


I went to nearby post office and posted my envelope through speed post.This whole process of applying for gas testing took around 2-3 days.

When the date of examination is announced on the website of DGMS, am admit card of the gas testing examination would be sent to the address as filled in the gas testing application form by the examinee.

His experience at examination centre

 My examination centre was at VTC West Bokaro, Ghato dated 18-06-2019. I was much worried for my exam as that was my first attempt without any experience of the environment of any such oral examination of its kind. To have a good impression I had dressed up me formally along with short hair too om my head. I had a proper decent look. When I entered the centre after inspecting me admit card, I was called to set in a room. Then an instructor came in with a bag which contained the submitted documents by post of all us applicants. After verifying the documents, the instructor said us to go to a room for the oral exam. That room was for first examiner. I politely asked to enter the room. My examiners were a manger and a Project officer in that room. Firstly, the manager asked about me a simple introduction. I was feeling nervous during that conversation, though I answered well. But some nervousness kept reflecting out of my body. He in a friendly way told me to calm down and don’t to fear. Then some questions were asked both by the manager and project officer. I answered all up to my preparation and knowledge. Then they asked to enter a dark room basically the gas testing chamber, which I have heard before but never visited such a room before. I entered the room with manager. He told me to see carefully each flame safety lamp placed, he asked me about the percentage level of methane in the lamps there then we came out the room. He then boosted my confidence and said me to go to the second room. The second room was for an examiner from DGMS/DDMS or a Mining Inspector.  I asked politely again to enter the second room. This time was confidence level was better. The DDMS officer sited there asked my formal introduction and then asked about the different instruments placed there on table in the room. He said me “I am very happy to see you as you are a diploma holder from a newly established private mining university but even your knowledge part and recall of field experience is better than many”. I felt glad enough. I said “Thank You sir”. He wished me best of luck and allowed me to exit the room and wait outside for the results. I came out and I was quite excited for my results.

After completion of everyone’s examination it took two hours to come out of the results.

The results came on a printed paper attached to the bulletin board in the campus boundary. The crowd of applicants gathered in minutes to check their names in the list. I was also quite excited and praying to god at the same time. I checked the list and found my name as well as my father’s name printed there, a goose bump came out of my body and a little bit tear but all those were of happiness.


Which sorts of questions were asked to him?

In First Room (Mine manager and Project Officer)

  1. Give us your introduction.
  2. Name the different gases evolved in a coal mine and their specific gravities
  3. Which gases are explosive in nature? Specify their explosive limit.
  4. Why Munia bird is used in some coal mines? Which degree of gassiness of coal mines are they?
  5. Why is white washing done in the mine?
  6. Explain the standard of ventilation.
  7. What is a purpose of a booster fan?
  8. Which type of fan is used in the mine where you took your VTC?
  9. What is the daily production and degree of gassiness of the mine where you took VTC?
  10. What was the name of project officer of the mine of your VTC?

In Second Room (DDMS)

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Why is there two wirer gauge in the flame safety lamp?
  3. What is the importance of asbestos ring in the flame safety lamp?
  4. Which gases can be inspected by FSL?
  5. Name the different parts of the flame safety lamp placed here on table with its safety features.
  6. Why do we do the accumulation test first?
  7. Explain the working principal of flame safety lamp.
  8. What is a multigas detector?
  9. What is a methanometer?
  10. Draw and explain me the Coward’s diagram.
  11. Write down the chemical equation for the spontaneous heating of coal.
  12. Explain me the general body of the air.

His gratitude

I thank my teachers at my university and preparation strategy suggested by MiningADDA team. I credit this success to my family members who tirelessly motivate me to achieve better.

Any suggestions from him to new aspirants !!

Prepare well, don’t be panic. This is not a much tough examination at all, if you prepare strategically. Make some notes of your preparation to revise as the exams date may come very late after applying. Whether you are speaking Hindi or English, it does not matter at all. All they see is your concept clarity and confidence.

MiningADDA team provide a complete guidance for clearing the examination.

Beware of fraudsters roaming around the examination centre.

“Best of luck for your turn”.

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